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Accessories for Ironworkers  
To really maximize your GEKA Iron-Worker and to truly be flexible in a production or job shop environment you need to utilize your GEKA to its fullest. GEKA offers many optional accessories and special tooling to do just this. In fact, no other Ironworker manufacture offers the many choices of GEKA.

Many people dont realize just what can be done on a GEKA. For example you can cut H-beams, T-beams, I-beams, structural channels, uni-strut and much more. How about punching? We can punch tubing, channels and many other structural shapes. If your punching plates, our over-sized punching attachments can punch a single hole up to 160 mm (6.30) diameter in one stroke. There is simply so much to choose from.



GEKA Accessories  


Cutting of beams
Cutting of beams.


Punching equipment  160
Punching equipment 160.


Cutting of channels
Cutting of channels.


Triangular notching with table
Triangular notching with table.


Tube notching
Tube notching.


Punching equipment 100 with table
Punching equipment 100 with table.


Special punches and dies
Special punches and dies.


Tube notching
Tube notching.


Squared tube punching equipment
Squared tube punching equipment.


Notching for the making of gratings
Notching for the making of gratings.


Hydraulic stop make-up for flats and angles
Hydraulic clamping for flats and angles.


Automatic stop
Automatic stop.


Channels punching equipment 40 80
Channel punching equipment .


Double cutting of channels
Double cutting of channels