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This model includes, as standard equipment:


A: Monoblock frame and structural sandwich type construction
B: Adjustable clearance of the blade holder
C: Adjustable clearance of angle blades and safety guards
D: Cutting sections up to 80 x 80 x 8 mm with no material loss and material guide
E: Punching capacity: dia 27 mm in 10 mm thick m.s. quick – change punch holder. Possibility of eccentric punch for small angles. Safety guard.
F: Swivel stop
G: Positioning table with removable front for angle punching
H: Cropper for round Ø 20 and square 20 mm, on flat shear station (with slight distortion)
I: Flats shear capacity up to 200 x 13 mm.  Cutting and L –iron leg at 45º
J: Shear holddown guide
K: Adjustable clearance between flat shear blades
L: Travel adjusting stops.
M: Jogging/Inching switch
N: Quick fastening door for access to the hydraulic unit



Optional equipment

1. Punching equipment (oversize) up to 36 mm in 8 mm thick mild steel
2. Blades for cropping round without distortion
3. Rectangular notching

The machine is prepared for mounting different types of tooling: Tube Notch, Press Brake, Triangular Notching.